Frequently Asked Questions

Why isn't information for the 2015 Conference posted?

Mad Anthony is reevaluating the scope and structure of future events. Information about BookFest @ IceFest January 2015 and the Conference in April 2015 will be forthcoming.

BookFest   There is no BookFest in 2014

Is BookFest held every year? No. BookFest @ IceFest is part of the IceFest celebration which is only scheduled in odd number years. Mad Anthony Writers Conference and Ryan’s Tavern-An Authentic Irish Pub co-sponsor BookFest as a service to authors in the area.  Authors are not charged for space at this event nor a fee for setup, take down, clean up, or advertising. Neither Mad Anthony nor Ryan’s Tavern profits financially from this goodwill donation of space and service.

Refund Policy

What is your refund policy? Your written cancellation/refund request must be received no later than ten (10) business days prior to the conference. A 10% administrative charge is deducted from the conference fee.

Facility and Food

Do you have comfortable chairs?

We feel we do. Murder & Mayhem and Saturday workshops are held at the lovely Harry T. Wilks Conference Center on the campus of Miami University Hamilton. Most chairs are cushioned but some of the workshop chairs are not. Sunday Master Classes are held at Ryan’s Tavern. Some of their chairs are cushioned and some are not. If you have a bad back or other physical issues, please bring a cushion that you can carry with you to make your stay more comfortable.

Do you serve gluten free food? Vegetarian food? Sugar-free food? 

Our food has received “excellent” ratings all eight of our eight years. We do not specifically plan for gluten-free foods but we do try to offer a variety.  Former attendees with special dietary needs have brought their own food. We will post our menu closer to the conference date so you know. We do not offer food refunds or discounts.

Saturday Workshops and Appointments (More FAQ Appointments can be found on the Appointments Page)

May I change my workshop choice during the conference? May I visit all 3 workshops offered at the same time?

 No, we ask that you do not.  We work with Miami University Hamilton to choose the most appropriate room for each workshop and plan ahead to have enough chairs. It simply is not fair to those who are registered—or to the instructor—to delay a workshop while more chairs are added, to be cramped in a room because more people came than were scheduled, and to cause visual and auditory distractions by coming in late or causing registered people to be late as they struggle to find a place to sit. In your Welcome Packet, you will have a schedule of the workshops you registered for with the room number noted.

Can I sign up for an appointment without going to the conference? No. Appointments are a bonus provided for our registered guests. Only Murder & Mayhem attendees may register for a Murder & Mayhem appointment. Only Saturday Workshop attendees may register for Saturday appointments. There are no appoointments on Master Class Sunday.

How many appointments can I sign up for? You may sign up for as many as you like as long as your registration check reflects the fee for each one.

Do I have to bring anything to the appointments? Please consult the particular requirements listed after the name of the appointment mentor on our Appointment page. Please send the requested material BY THE DEADLINE stated. Send to  You may want to bring to the appointment a copy of the material you sent in. Pitch and Advice appointments don’t require that you bring anything. It’s a good idea to bring paper and pencil to jot down notes. Most if not all mentors give verbal, not written, feedback.

How long are the appointments? They last the amount of time stated on our website Appointment page. Mad Anthony personnel will keep time and notify you and your mentor when 5 minutes remain and when time is up. Please help us keep on schedule by arriving at Schwarm Library early and leaving your appointment promptly.

Where are the appointments held? Murder & Mayhem appointments are held in the Wilks Conference Center. Saturday appointments are held In Schwarm  Library which is connected to the Wilks Conference Center on the second floor (a shorter way involves a very, very short walk outside.)  A volunteer at the Registration Desk will be happy to show you how to get to your appointment room. On Friday, check-in with the volunteer at the Appointment Desk. On Saturday, check in at the library’s desk. A volunteer will walk you to the appointment room or space.

Do I have to leave a workshop to attend an appointment? Yes.  Our mentors are willing to take appointments during the workshop day but are not on duty in the evening.

Why is there an additional fee for appointments? Because of the extra hours of work and the  individual attention that our mentors give to each one.

Master Classes

Do I have to be published or close to publication to take a Master Class? Absolutely not! Master Classes are appropriate for beginners, intermediates, and multi-published writers alike because a given topic is explored intensely—to master more of a given topic.  Continuing education is just as important for published writers as it is for anyone else, and questions from beginners might remind advanced writers of basics they have forgotten.  Master Classes are also advantageous for writers moving between genres.

How many Master Classes can I take? All Master Classes run simultaneously so you can  take only one. 

May I take one hour of one Master Class and one hour of a different class? No. Master Classes are an intense focus on a given topic and Presenters prepare their material and activities based on the fact that a given number of people will be in their class for the three-hour period.